Lionel Messi wants to hunt a title for the Argentine national team

Lionel Messi promised to mobilize the best ability to get recognition from the Argentine public. He hasn't given up on struggling to present the trophy with the Argentine national team.

Messi hasn't really won the heart of the Argentine public, and hasn't been considered a legend. Despite appearing impressive in Barcelona and worthy of being considered the best player in the world, Messi fizzled out while defending the national team.

He has helped Argentina reach the final several times, both at the World Cup and the Copa America. However, still Lionel Messi failed to give the trophy. Step Argentina stopped, Messi could only encourage Argentina to become runner-up.

Argentina's appearance at the 2018 World Cup was even worse. Argentina can't do much. Together with Messi, they were almost eliminated in the group phase. Escaping to the big 16 was not so important because Argentina was hit by France.

Messi admitted that failure was very difficult to accept. He even had time to worry that Argentina would be eliminated since the group phase. Despite qualifying for the last 16, Messi felt it was not a better incision.

"It could be the biggest failure in the history of the Argentine national team if we were eliminated in the group phase," Lionel Messi told Marca.

Messi claimed he would continue to try. He will do everything to help Argentina win the trophy. Messi was even willing to be a servant for his teammates on the field if needed.

"We must continue to try and I want to win something with Argentina," promised Lionel Messi.

"I have almost won something and I will do everything to win the title," said Messi.
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